Integrated Obesity Management and Wellness Programme


Tri-Factor Health is an innovative Obesity Management and Wellness Programme combining Talk Therapy, Nutritional Therapy and Fitness Training.

We all know, and the research backs it up, that each of these factors individually can aid mental health and manage obesity – and bringing the three together into one integrated programme does even more to improve your health.

We are dedicated to re-enfranchise anybody who feels marginalised by their mental health challenge and obesity. And we aim to help people troubled by issues such as depression and anxiety to have a better life.

We all need a friend to talk to from time to time. An attentive ear to hear our problems. A coach to get us exercising, and keep us at it. An expert who understands nutrition for a healthy body.

These are the three factors of health we combine in the Tri-Factor “Go the Distance” programme.

Depression and anxiety can seem so overwhelming these days. Talking Therapy, Fitness Training and Nutrition Planning can all help bring light back to life. Combine the three factors into one balanced plan and the positive effects are significant.

And you will find that the collaborative, supportive and caring approach of the Tri-Factor team approach will be a major factor in your progress. As one recent participant says “I found that the Tri-Factor team were very nice and good people and I got along with them which was very helpful with my progress with my Programme”.



Integrated Obesity Management and Wellness Programme Involves:

  • An initial Diagnostic Assessment, involving a physical examination by a General Practitioner and a mental health assessment by a psychologist. We will then work you to agree your programme plan.

  • At least 3 contact hours of nutritional therapy working guided by a dietician or nutritionist, and up to eight hours of Psychotherapy and Fitness Training

  • Wearing a FitBit biometric device in order to monitor progress

  • You will complete a Final Diagnostic Assessment at the completion of your Programme with the GP and the psychologist.


Integrated Obesity Management Programme Includes


Tom Conlon
Tom ConlonParticipant Advocate
Making talk therapy accessible to all those who would benefit from it.
Tom Conlon (MSc, MBA, BA, Dip. Group Work Practice) is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, group facilitator and organisational consultant. He believes that a vital element in sound mental health is people speaking about their challenges with someone who listens in an effective manner.
Teddy Nyhan
Teddy NyhanFitness Trainer
My name is Teddy Nyhan and I am a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach with 15 years. For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in physical fitness and its role in health. As I explored physical fitness I eventually came across my true passion which was Strength and Conditioning/Crossfit 8 years ago.

I not only found a style of physical fitness that I excelled at, I have also found friends and found myself among a community of like minded individual. In short the gym was not just for my physical health, it played a massive role in my mental health too.

Kara Reilly
Kara ReillyNutritional Therapist
Planning excellent and sustainable diets for a healthy and vibrant life.
Kara is a qualified nutritional therapist. She’s passionate about personalised nutrition and a functional approach to health. She loves educating people about healthy eating and empowering them to make informed choices when it comes to their diet & lifestyle.
Agata Canning
Agata CanningPsychotherapist
Offering a compassionate approach to therapy in which every client is respected. Agata (MA in Psychotherapy) is an accredited integrative psychotherapist working with adults who are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, loss or relationship issues. Her goal is to help clients move towards increased well-being. She offers a safe space in which to heal and grow.
Ciara Wright
Ciara WrightSenior Nutritionist
Ciara Wright PhD BSc DipNT is a Nutritional Therapist and Director of Glenville Nutrition. Ciara and the team at Glenville Nutrition help people make healthy changes for good. Learning how nutrition plays a role in your wellbeing along with understanding your own goals is fundamental to making lasting healthy habits.
Noreen Kelly
Noreen KellyClinical Director
Providing care for the person as a whole. Noreen has a special interest in exercise medicine and is keen to assist people in improving their mental and overall physical health. She hopes to do this by supporting their physical wellbeing while encouraging expression of the factors that could be holding them back
Fiona Crowe
Fiona CrowePsychotherapist
Fiona Crowe is a counsellor and psychotherapist, practicing in East Cork while also working as a secondary school teacher. Passionate about mental health,in recent years Fiona has been involved in the implementation of wellbeing programmes at second level. She employs an integrative,compassionate and humanistic approach to therapy,supporting clients in finding healing, resolution and coping skills to meet life’s challenges.



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