Dear friend and colleague,

Tri-Factor Health is shortly completing a series of pilot studies of our flagship ‘Go the Distance Wellness Programme’. Our provisional findings encourage us to continue to explore the connection between adverse childhood experience and obesity/binge eating.

We now wish to collaborate/partner with a charitable/not for profit body to implement our programme with a ‘CAYA’ group (i.e. children/adolescents/young adults). This group will be drawn from areas which are economically or socially disadvantaged. The programme will operate within the existing Tri-Factor clinical protocols.

We will be looking to obtain grant funding for the work via the Irish Government’s New Foundations Scheme which “supports eligible researchers who intend to pursue research, networking and/or dissemination activities within and across the diversity of disciplines. This scheme provides support for research actions, the development of networks and consortia, conference and workshop development, and creative approaches to the communication of scientific concepts and/or complex societal challenges for a lay audience”.

Will you kindly ‘share’ this message to anybody you know who might be interested in this work.