Dr. Noreen Kelly is a Bandon-based GP and is Clinical Director of Tri-Factor Health. Her work encompasses the clinical supervision of all Tri-Factor cases, and works with other GPs to perform associated Diagnostic Assessments at the start and end of individual programmes. She has developed Tri-Factor’s medical assessment protocol incorporating Metabolic Syndrome (i.e MetS). Here’s how she describes her work:

“It has been my absolute privilege to become involved with the Tri-factor Health team in 2019. This group of individuals, from varied backgrounds and trainings,  have come together with the common goal of reducing the burden of poor health, on not just individuals going through the programme, but society in general. The energy and enthusiasm for this goal within the group is a pleasure to work within.

From my perspective as a medical doctor,  it is the first time I have experienced such a closely coordinated programme encompassing all aspects of a participant’s health. My goal is that, at the end of the programme, not only can we show an improvement in their current and future health but also know that particiapnts have been furnished with the foundation they need to maintain this benefit. This is only achieved by a group effort and very close communication within the team of Psychotherapists, Personal Trainers and Nutritional Therapists.
Assessing the participant at the beginning and the end of the programme has been very rewarding for me. It allows me to help them set threalistic and achievable goals at the beginning and then reflect back to them where they are likely to see most benefit with regard to various health parameters. Watching their progress through the programme has been fascinating because, as human beings, we are likely to falter along the way and tend to fall back into our old habits. Buy watching the team respond, and progress the participant
through these stumbles,  has been the most valuable part of the whole process from my perspective. This team has much to offer and will continue to change lives. I am very happy to say that I have a part to play.!