Working with Tri-Factor’s “Go the Distance Programme” has re-affirmed my passion for working with clients as a counsellor/psychotherapist.

Working within a collaborative framework has been invigorating and inspiring as it often given me cause to reflect how best I can serve my client e.g. What supports do they need to grow and heal and transform in the way that they truly wish? Having informed consent means that the various professionals involved in an individual’s programme can collaborate and cross reference how best to support clients in a bespoke manner.

It would be remiss of me to suggest that radical change is always possible within a twelve week programme. I believe, however, that with the correct support network and professional interventions,  it is certainly proven possible to embed lasting lifestyle modifications that will provide firm lifelong patterns that will maintain physical and mental wellbeing.

As a therapist with Tri-Factor, I primarily employ brief solution-focused therapy and mindfulness-based CBT methodologies. These methods aim to enhance the client’s own emotional resilience and sense of wellbeing, while also exploring any issues or thought-patterns and behaviours which may have impeded them previously.

Tri-Factor differs vastly from the traditional revolving door style weight loss programmes, and quick fix “New Year, new you” initiatives we are bombarded with every January. Talk Therapy is a crucial aspect of the Tri-Factor approach as it acknowledges that there is significant emotional and psychological aspect to weight loss and meaningful lifestyle change. Oftentimes, we cannot move forward until we have addressed and resolved certain issues, experiences and thought patterns that have previously inhibited our path to wellbeing. This is where the Tri-Factor trans-disciplinary approach is truly unique as all aspects of key health are attended to.

I have found working with Tri-Factor to be highly innovative and rewarding and I look forward to seeing what our client’s can and do achieve even after completion of the programme. 

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