As a psychotherapist working in private practice, my work usually involves facilitating clients to explore and express their thought process, feelings and behaviour in order to gain a better understanding of their inner conflicts and find new ways to alleviate and manage distress.

During this work I would often find myself referring clients to other practitioners, eg, GP, nutritionist, dietitian, personal trainers, etc. I would not be in a position, however, to work collaboratively with them due to client confidentiality.

Therefore, when I was approached by Tri-Factor Health to join their multidisciplinary team,  it was an absolutely ‘no-brainer’ and it has been, and continues to be, a privilege to work alongside likeminded individuals who share the common goal of providing clients with the best possible experience while exploring and working through current difficulties in their lives.

The beauty of this programme for me is the interactions between the different professionals on the team, If the client is experiencing difficulties in any area of the programme, all the team become aware of it and work together to resolve the issueik. Likewise, if the client has an issue with the diet or fitness aspect of the programme, they are facilitated to work through it in the psychotherapy, this has proven to be very beneficial to previous clients on the programme.

On a personal note, I find working on the programme very rewarding because I get to witness the change in the client’s behaviour and attitude and hear how they intend to use the tools they have acquired to implement change in their lives long after the programme has ended.

I truly believe that Tri-factor health offers a unique opportunity to anyone who is experiencing difficulties with their mental and physical health and I would encourage anyone who is contemplating making changes in their life to reach out and get in touch.