A quick note to update you on our progress…having started in January this year, a total of five people have gone through our pilot study phase, with a further two participants in progress. The pilot phase has given us a chance to learn how to work together in order to serve the participant better, and we have also had the chance to develop standard protocols across Participant Entry, Talk, Fitness and Nutrition. This phase has allowed us to come across problem and collectively find solutions.

We believe strongly that the Tri-Factor programme is serving as a platform from which people will be able to make well-informed decisions regarding how to improve their lives. Tri-Factor provides a supportive and safe environment to try things out, make mistakes and reflect on how well our standard script of living life is serving us.

Our next steps involve evaluating and interpreting the results of the pilot studies and then meet with allied healthcare professionals to share the findings.  We are also looking to make a commercial offering to those people who would like to incorporate a tri-factor approach into their lives. And, finally, as you will see from the attached photo, we are working on a series of images and video content which will explain what we are doing with our work.

Looking forward to continued progress with this work!