My name is Ian Leahy and I am a Nutritional Therapist. I’m dedicated to helping people maximize their health through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Nutritional Therapy is a scientific, and evidence-based, approach utilising nutrition and lifestyle changes that allows each person to maximise their health potential. It is a branch of complementary medicine which uses nutrition and health science to promote optimal health as well as peak performance.

As a qualified nutritional therapist, I offer a natural, safe and ethical approach that is designed to treat the body as a whole seeking to find the cause of the problem, not just the symptom. I see my role as one in which I am putting my clients on the right path to optimal health. I am aware that there may be some lifestyle changes required of the client. It can be a challenge in some cases to change dietary habits that have built up over a number of years. By putting together a clear and simple treatment plan that clients can follow along with
support, I believe that they will be able to make the necessary changes required to overcome any challenges and that these changes will last a lifetime.

What do I like about Tri-Factor Health? Simply put, the ‘Go the Distance Programme‘ is designed to give the client the best advice, guidance and mentorship as they begin to transform their well-being. The programme recognises the challenges to be overcome by providing a  community of professionals and multidisciplinary support for the client. Backed by a GP-supported referral system, the client will have everything from medical and psychological assessment, talk therapy, fitness and nutrition plans. The programme takes a holistic approach to the client’s mental and lifestyle needs. This can often include for example, the practical but essential step of accompanying the client through a grocery shop in order to find foods that may not have been shopped for or eaten before. It is this holistic approach that makes this programme so special.

For the professionals in the team we get to collaborate, share knowledge, and grow as individuals. It is fantastic to be part of a team with a shared goal of transforming lives of our clients. As a nutritional therapist I have an understanding of the role that exercise and talking through life’s challenges play in a clients overall wellbeing.

Know that the Tri-Factor client is addressing these three factors holistically gives me great confidence in the outcome for the
client. The “Go the Distance” programme provides the opportunity to be a part of a community that is built around clients in need of support as they set the foundations of future good health. That is a very powerful thing to be involved in.

I would encourage anyone looking to improve their own emotional or physical health, or that of a family member you love, to get in touch with the Tri-Factor team on