Here’s the experience of Kara Reilly (Nutrional Therapist) of working with the Tri-Factor Health team:

“As a nutritional therapist working within the Tri-Factor team, I have found the work to be extremely enjoyable. I am delighted to be involved in such a fantastic and badly needed service. The results we have been seeing are really fantastic, which is great for our clients and so rewarding to see as a practitioner, proof that this holistic, three pronged approach, that we are all so passionate about, is really so effective and beneficial.

Being primarily a referral system from GPs we are seeing clients in need of help, but opting for a more natural, holistic approach, which is great, as looking at all aspects of counselling, nutrition and movement is often what is needed in these cases. But the reality is keeping all of these balls in the air is not always easy for people especially when they are not feeling their best, so to be able to provide this framework and support for people through one programme and team is a fantastic opportunity for clients.

The way the programme is set up works very well for everyone involved with the initial GP assessment setting the scene, giving the practitioners all the necessary info and keeping us all on the same page. There’s constant contact between the team working with a specific client. In my nutritional therapy practice, I would have to refer on to other practitioners, so to have all of these practitioners contained in one framework takes a lot of work out of it, allows for great team work and really makes the difference when it comes client compliance.

All in all Tri-Factor is a fantastic programme, one which I am honoured to be involved in, as it encompasses completely a holistic approach to mental health, an area I am extremely passionate about and one which I feel is hugely overlooked & underestimated in the current health system.”