I’m letting you know that the Tri-Factor team recently submitted a request for Ethical Approval to the HSE’s Clinical Ethics Research Committee.  A Research Ethics Committee (REC) is the acknowledged international best practice structure for overseeing the conduct of ethical standards in healthcare research.

You can find information on what these committees do on the following link: (https://www.hse.ie/eng/services/list/5/publichealth/publichealthdepts/research/rec.html)

We have made this application as part of the process of commencing the Tr-Factor ‘Go the Distance Programme’. We believe that going through this (challenging) process will mean that not only will potential participants in the trial be assured that this work is in their best interests, but it will also help in recruiting participants who will likely benefit most from the work.

It’s an exciting development and all part of expanding our knowledge of this interesting area but also work to improve the health of others.