Dear Friends,

There is a strong connection between obesity and mental health challenges (e.g trauma, adverse childhood expereience etc). Tri-Factor provides a clinically-oriented solution to those looking to bring sustained change in their mental health as they engage with obesity.

The three factors we combine at Tri-Factor Health – Talk, Fitness and Nutrition – within an integrated, multi-disciplinary, programme can help anyone strengthen their overall well-being and metabolic health within a relatively short period of time. And all those who complete a programme will be offered a continuation programme in order to sustain any and all gains that have been made.

Tri-Factor is here particularly for people who, be it for money or other reasons, can’t get proper access to these three essentials when they need them most. My experience is that trying to get the help you need, when you need it, can often be a well-nigh impossible task.

We are also here to re-enfranchise anybody who feels marginalised by their mental health challenge. I am personally committed to making every effort for people to come and work with us. For those facing significant life challenges, those out of work or otherwise at a disadvantage, Tri-Factor will always work to find a way.

I also have had to deal personally with the Tri-Factor challenge at various points in my life and I know all too well the importance of ‘Going the Distance’. I understand from my own personal experience the challenge of engaging in talk, nutrition and fitness as component parts in a sustainable mental health solution.

I encourage you to come and speak to us about our programme and how we can help you to make real changes in your life.

Tom Conlon

Managing Director and Participant Advocate

Message from Tom