Sugar is like any addiction, and the consequences can be just as serious.

Have you found yourself out on the mean streets after midnight looking for Wine Gums? Do you hoard Mars bars in case of emergency? Are your friends worried you might have a problem with cake?

Then it’s possible you’re a sugar addict.

All joking aside, sugar addiction can be a serious matter. Processed sugars have been shown to increase inflammation, which combined with all those calories, is a major of cause of today’s widespread obesity.

Did you know that recent research by Diabetes UK states that 1 in 10 people today in the UK over the age of 40 are diabetic? And that over-consumption of sugar is the leading cause? Type 2 diabetes is a modern plague, with serious and potentially life endangering consequences.

Are you a sugar addict?

“An addiction to sugar is like any other addiction.” Tom Conlon, Clinical Director for Tri-Factor Health, is clear that sugar addiction can be beyond our control. “It has a particular effect and a hit that suits the individual. Additionally, like alcohol or nicotine, it’s seen as socially acceptable in a way harder drugs are not.”

Going “cold turkey” from sugar can be tough. But sugar addicts can wean themselves off the substance, and avoid serious long term health consequences, with the combination of talk therapy, fitness training and nutrition planning.

Tri-Factor health is currently seeking participants for its pilot programme running from May to June 2019. Contact us for more information.